HOP 39: What's the Difference?

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I was a lil’ long winded. Hope you all enjoy.

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@ant_pruitt Great show. Since the wedding and l doing into HOP, I’ve been doing more processing, but still very little. I’m still very much old school and try and get it right at the beginning, as then is when you have the most control over your images.

But I did buy the upgrade from the free Capture One that came with my Sony too the pro version, that was an eye-opener, with suddenly much more functionality and plugins.

I still miss FoP, the discussions there brought up some great ideas for projects or refining my technique.

Edit re: show: The door looks wrong to me, the reflection of the bushes still looks like it was taken in daylight, otherwise an amazing demonstration of what is possible.

Edit: Great episode. Have you looked at the current photo of the week thread?

I have a photo of some wedding ballons, which I ran the filter on. But I have a general question, with so much noise and the relatively low resolution of these film images from a cheap, disposable camera, is there really much you can do to get more detail out of photos? On the really dark images, there is just too much noise that not even increasing the exposure or sharpening does anything, in fact they just make just a random colour speckle effect.

I also loved the HDR show from last week. But I’m still not 100% sure about actually taking the shots in the first place. Could you do a show about actually going out and taking the shots in the first place. Am I right in thinking, full manual mode, then moving the f-stop up and down one notch? Or do I have that wrong.?

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Hey there, sir. THANKS. This was a fun demo. Good eye on the door. I didn’t catch that. But yeah, you can really manipulate photos with some patience and practice.

I agree with you regarding getting it right in camera. It makes sense and makes it easier if you have to do ANY post.

Far as HDR, it’s typical practice if you have harsh light AND crushed shadows in a setting. Some cameras have bracket mode built-in. If not, pick your ideal exposure, then increase shutter speed half a stop or so. Then decrease the shutter to half a stop slower than your original ideal exposure. In theory, you can build HDR from three exposures. An under exposed, regular exposed, an over exposed.

I’ve not checked the photo thread yet. I’ll dive in over the weekend, as usual.

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And you’re right. Not much you can salvage if the resolution is too low and the image is noisy. You can print it and mount it FAR away so the noise isn’t visible :wink:

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