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@Leo, this question is mainly for you but also for anyone here who might have some input.

I’ve been recently hearing ads for Home Title Lock on other podcasts, and today I just heard that ad on your show, so without causing a conflict between you and that advertiser, I was wondering if you could explain it a bit better than their website does. When I go to the website it looks shifty to me (e.g. I’m not encouraged by Bill O’Reilly’s endorsement), but that may be just my perception. The info there doesn’t explain my tech questions, and I have a feeling that if I called them to ask my questions, I wouldn’t get answers that would be as good as those from this community.

Here are my questions: I understand that the title company putting my info in the cloud is a problem, but is it more secure to also let Home Title Lock have it? How is it more secure? Do they use blockchain? Am I just as safe to keep the title documents in my safe deposit box at my bank?

I usually don’t give shifty looking websites a second thought, but the idea of some nefarious creep borrowing against my home equity is pretty scary.

Thanks for any help!


I typically listen to Dave Ramsey and trust his advice. Here’s what he says…

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Sorry, that might not be exactly what you are asking for. Not sure.

This might be more relevant…

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Thank you so much! I think I’ll just set up a web page change tracker to watch my property’s page on the county website. Free solutions are much better. :grin:


You’re so sharp :fist_right:t5:


Thanks @ant_pruitt :grin:


When we bought our house, we spent a lot of money on lawyering (and taxes and fees). One of the things that came with that was home title insurance. As far as I know, it was a one time purchase. Maybe if you’re worried and get a reasonable one time purchase, then maybe that is worth it? (I’m not claiming any knowledge on this topic, and, again, I’m in a different country, so things are different here than the US.)

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that ad was on the radio network feed that Leo left playing in one of the breaks, rather than an advertiser on the TWiT network itself. So Leo may not know anything about them.

Edit: just to be clear, I’m assuming that it’s the same ad that I heard in the live feed from The Tech Guy radio show, where Leo’s segments are embedded in the radio network transmission which has its own ads. When it’s edited down to become a TWiT podcast, all that stuff disappears and we only hear the TWiT sponsor ads, which are read by Leo. Hope I got that right.

Second edit: corrected the show name.

I think you’re correct about HTL just being a Premier advertiser and not a TWiT advertiser, but I think this stuff is in Leo’s purview because of my security questions.

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