Question of the day - Combination or bluetooth locks?

Who here has a smart lock - either a bluetooth type lock, or one of the combination ones? How do you like it?

I have considered getting a combo one (I don’t think I’d want any other kind) - but can’t change out my deadbolt right now. I have a special thing installed on my door that prevents someone from kicking it in. And, it takes a drill with a special drill bit to take the screws off to remove the plate. My friend helped me install it - so, to change out the lock, I’d have to take that off. I haven’t felt like messing with it.

If not for that - I probably would have one by now.


I have a Brinks with a keypad (link below) that I have had for about 2 years. I really like it and I really like never having to carry house keys anymore.

I will say though that smart locks are very touchy (at least the one that I have is) when installing them. If you don’t get them lined up perfectly they have a very hard time locking and unlocking also you have to make sure the door has little to no play in it at all or you end up having to pull on the door to get it tight before locking or unlocking otherwise it will try and just click and fail. (again my experience with the one I own) It runs on 4 AA batteries which last about 8 months and still has a key slot in case there is an issue which is one of the things I liked about it, the other one I was looking at at the time did not have a key slot.

I never really tried the bluetooth ones. It kind of still bothers me having a lock like that when we still have so many issues with things getting hacked.

Here is a link to the one I have at Walmart:

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When I bought my house in 2015, the first thing I did was buy a smart lock. As a kid I remember my parents gave a house key to so many people - various babysitters, housekeepers, friends of my and my siblings, etc. I felt uneasy having a bunch of keys to my house so I really like the ability to have numerical codes that I can give out, and then expire when that person no longer needs access.

When I was looking for a smart lock I looked at a variety of the ones on the market at the time but I wanted to make sure that did it’s one main job - secure my house well. I didn’t know how well August or Yale did as actual deadbolts which is why I went with the Schlage Connect. It was from a company I trust for locks, and worked with SmartThings (which I was all in on at the time). I am still using my Connect (with a custom SmartThings application and device handler which adds some functionality to it) and am very happy with it, and am even considering buying one for our cottage.


I have what I think is this one
I say what I think, because it seems to be Lowes’ “house” brand, and it has changed slightly since I installed it 5 years or so ago.

I bought that specific one because it was the only one in the store at that time that allowed for a door code longer that 4 digits. (I use 6 digit codes.)

Over all I like the convenience of a product that means you can still get in if you don’t have keys, or can set a temporary code if you have a guest or service provider who needs access for a limited time. I don’t worry too much about if it’s the most secure option because I also have a house alarm (as well as a Ring door bell, which a bad guy is going to assume is recording them.)

My only complaint about it is the powder coat on the metal handle is not very good quality, and a lot of the black has chipped off. (It happened in the first year or so, and I just haven’t gotten around to finding a solution.)