Privacy alternative This should be interesting. Saw it on DuckDuckGos twitter feed

The problem with these (and the recent USB key with 10-digit code pad attached) are that you don’t know how well the crypto is implemented, and there’s no way to tell how truly secure they are. We’ve seen lots of cases where “secure” USB keys are easily hacked.

I believe it’s better to trust well-run cloud services (with real and accountable security experts working on them full-time) than to roll your own.


Thank you, yes true, very short term this may work, but everyone really needs long term storage needs. Cloud services engineers get paid pretty good for a reason. To secure your data. :+1::v:

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I feel it comes down to do I trust anyone except me, and do I care if others can see my “stuff”. I made a decision when first using the internet that other than caring about access to controlling my finances and identity, I’m putting everything out there by using the internet. So, I use cloud services for off-site storage and backup, but encrypt anything I want to protect. And, yes, since I can’t write my own totally safe code, I know I am making an assumption the creators of the encryption software are honest after doing as much research as I can.

Thought about using the Helm server for both email and storage, but keep coming back to how do I access it when I’m 10000 miles away, and my home modem shuts down?

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