HOM 5: Fun With Mac Terminal Commands

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My favorite time of the week!


@Leo, Another interesting and educational episode. However, I am concerned if I do something wrong, I might not be able to get back out. If I get to that point, can I use Time Machine to go back before I make any changes using the terminal?



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It’s true any good backup will help, but as long as you don’t type

rm -rf /*

You’re probably ok!

Seriously stay away from the rm (remove) command and it’s unlikely you’ll do too much damage. Start by exploring, reading the man pages for the commands you want to try, and keeping track of everything you do so you can undo it if you have to!


@Leo love this new show, just wished they were longer. Also how can I get my terminal to load fish skin when I launch iterm2 without having to type the comman?

Fish is one of many terminal shells you can use with your Mac. For years macOS came with the bash shell. With Catalina, Apple changed it to zsh, which many prefer to bash (including me). Most Linux distros default to bash, as well. Once you find a shell you like, change it everywhere or you’ll get confused!

You can install fish using brew: brew install fish

Typing cat /etc/shells will show you which shells are installed on your mac, including their location.

The command to change shells is chsh so you can type this bash command:

chsh -s $(which fish)

to make fish your default shell (once you’ve installed it). The next time you launch your terminal you should see the fish greeting.

fish is more modern, but does some things differently than bash so read the documentation here: https://fishshell.com/ and don’t forget to customize your prompt and theme with the fish_config command.



For those who need additional help, like me. I researched on the fish document webpage and found the following to change your shell. It helped me and I hope it helps you… I was missing a step which was to add the fish shell. Because when I originally listed the shells fish was not one of the choices.

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