HOM 20: Install Mac Fonts on Terminal

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Thanks @Leo. The total number of monospaced nerd fonts should be 156 :wink: as shown at top of the Font Book Fixed Width smart collection. It does take quite a while for all of them to install. I haven’t determined why Font Book says some are duplicates, though they all work well. See discussion in HOM-13 for visual reference of what I mean. HOM-13 Discussion and pics of duplicate font resolution

On your challenge of using your fish command from zsh…

I had already installed fish from homebrew (brew install fish) just to have it available in Catalina alongside bash and zsh.

So it was a simple matter of running fish from zsh, and then copy/paste your in fish commands:

for font in (brew search nerd-font)
brew cask install $font

After a while, all 156 fonts are installed and get updated when I run my basic zsh shell script “update-mac” occasionally.

I’ve put update-mac in /usr/local/bin and it’s defined as:

!/usr/bin/env zsh
sudo softwareupdate -ia --verbose ; brew bundle -v ; brew cleanup ; brew doctor --verbose

Hope that helps anyone that’s also following along! Thanks for everything, Leo!

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