HOM 8: Homebrew, the macOS Package Manager

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Can you do an episode every day!? Seriously though, I never really thought to look into it before for some reason but finding home brew is a revelation. This is like the best version of Linux I can think of now (I know, bsd). Having access to so many more Linux commands and it being in Mac with all the software support etc is just awesome. I wonder to myself what I did wasting all those years using Windows.


Yes, please @Leo can you do daily???! I would be in more love.

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When do you expect Leo to tape these? As it is, he tapes these in advance, usually a couple at a time.

Personally, I’d rather see more love given to the builtin stuff on a Mac, and traditional usage, not super-user usage. The average user doesn’t need Homebrew, iterm, etc.

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I would love to find out how to setup my shell to auto load the neotech and cowsays commands like it does on @Leo’s iTerm sessions. I tried googling it, but there’s so much out there I couldn’t sift through it all. It’s probably simple, but …


I think Leo showed it in an earlier HOM episode, but basically after you’ve installed Homebrew, just

brew install neofetch
brew install fortune
brew install cowsay

and add the command lines they way you want it to the dotfile of your shell. I use zsh so in .zshrc I’ve appended these 2 lines at the very end:

fortune | cowsay -f moose

That’s all there is to it. There are other/different ways to have those run as commands each time opening a shell window, but this is how I currently do it.

edit: fixed command with cowsay, not cowboy


Thanks! I must have missed it when Leo mentioned it. It’s so basic, that I think it doesn’t often get mentioned in online tutorials.

N.B. I think you mean fortune | cowsay -f moose, not cowboy. :slight_smile:


Thanks and grrr. Spellcheck override…I edited the original command to correctly have cowsay.

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I also did a little of the fortune/cowsay how-to on my blog: https://leo.fm/2020/05/wtlb/


Great link to your secret leo.fm blog. No static at all! I really liked exploring your “I Use This” page https://leo.fm/2020/05/iusethis/

I would especially love to know how (maybe on HOM) you do your dotfile sync across all your devices. I have a few Macs and linux VMs and have just put my “master” dotfile (.zshrc) in gist.github, update it when there are local edits, but then end up manually copy/pasting changes from it into nano.

How to do dotfile synch would be a great HOM episode!

I have to keep my dotfiles in a secure space because they contain gpg and ssh keys that I wouldn’t want to get out.

I used to use Keybase’s encrypted git - that was a fantastic solution. For now, I just store the folder in pCloud’s E2E encrypted folder. I’ll do a longer post on my secret blog. :wink:

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Really enjoying the Home-brew shows. More please…