HOM 13: 12 Hidden Free Fonts in Catalina

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Leo, thanks for yet another useful HOM!

I really hadn’t paid too much attention to fonts except when preparing a presentation in big type, but this was very useful from a terminal & coding perspective!

Here are the links to the resources Leo mentioned:
Fira Code: https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode
Input: https://input.fontbureau.com/
David Jonathan Ross: djr.com
Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works (3rd Edition): https://www.amazon.com/Stealing-Graphic-Design-Communication-Courses/dp/0321934288

I installed Fira Code and Input (similar to how Leo configured except for a) and actually used Homebrew to install Fira Code using brew commands to keep them up to date:
brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
brew cask install font-fira-code



And thank you for that tip@doug_m - I never thought of updating or installing fonts with brew. Too cool!

A little emendation to the command though - on my Mac, at least, it’s brew cask install font-fira-code-nerd-font In fact, use brew search nerd-font for a whole bunch of brew installable coders’ fonts!

And call me crazy but I just used fish to install them all:

for font in (brew search nerd-font)
        brew cask install $font

A most excellent emendation, @Leo! I found the original brew commands in the Fira Code GitHub repo installation page here, and upon re-reading he does say it might install an outdated version. I think the nerd-font version is the best way to go.

zsh is my default shell, but I was able to run fish with your command to install ALL of the fonts, too. I now have 156 fixed width fonts to choose from :wink:

When browsing the fonts in Font Book, some like Hasklug Nerd Font say “Multiple copies of this font are installed” with buttons to “Resolve Automatically” and “Resolve Manually”.

When I choose to “Resolve Automatically”, Font Book seems to delete (or turn off) a few similarly (not exactly same) named fonts.

I have the space so it’s not really a concern, but I haven’t figured out why it claims they’re duplicate. They’re only in my user library fonts folder and also seem unique at the description level. Some variations may be technically defined as the same in the font metadata.

Regardless, great find of fixed width fonts for your collection in nerd-fonts. I’m sticking with Input font for now, but this certainly opens a whole new variety to choose from.

Thanks for HOM, TWIT and all the shows you do, Leo! I’ve been following you since Screen Savers days and the community you’ve built here is amazing. I hope to make it to Petaluma someday!