Hiren's Boot CD for cmos bios password reset assistance needed

Hi Team,
I am trying to remove / guess the bios password on my locked workstations. I have another 25 or so machines to re-image for work. I don’t want to have to open each individual desktop case and pop the cmos battery as that is overly time consuming.

So I was told to boot into Hiren’s Boot CD and go to dos utilities. However, whenever I boot my Hiren’s boot cd it goes into its windows version and there is no bios psswd reset tool to be found.

Thanks for any help.

Does this help? Create Ms-Dos BootCD - Hiren's Bootable CD » www.hiren.info

I think you may need an older version of it. It looks like it’s current called “Hiren’s BootCD PE” and the PE stands for [Windows] Pre-Installation Environment. The PE is a special version of Windows that is very limited… in essence its what runs when you boot Windows from a DVD and you answer all those pre-installation questions (language, keyboard, CD key, etc).

I must warn you that I don’t think Windows PE is licensable for this use, which means HBCD is probably questionably legal.

It looks like there is still a version 7’ish that supports DOS while the current PE version is more like v1.0.2.

Thank you PHolder, I found the version Hiren’s BootCD PE that will work for me.