Windows recovery disks

Going though I found the old Tech TV video about BertPE. An it remained me that since their bios based all my boot-able CDs and USB keys with things like Ultimate Boot CD, KnoppixSTD, and System Rescue CD wound not work anymore. So it has windering about simmer apps that work under UEFI without turning on the CSM. I know that Hiren’s BootCD was updated with the Windows 10 Preinstallation Environment; may work but I will never use it “in legal”.

I forgot that i relay sound tell you PE is. PE mead’s Preinstallation Environment. Wean you boot into the Windows DVD or USB key you go into the Preinstallation Environment and form thier the tools that install windows on your computer are ran. That was how Apple’s boot-camp worked on the Intel based MACs was putting the drivers into the Windows install before you installed it. That was also why back in the day Windows XP asked you for thing’s like 3rd party Raid drivers before it wound install the OS so they wound work as they sound.

The logical place to start would be with something official from Microsoft:

I’m a MAC user; I see this more as PSA tool for the Windows users.