Kon-Boot, new verson is out

I just got an email that the new version of Kon-Boot was out and it supports bypassing Windows 10 online passwords, I bought a version a few years ago to unlock some work laptops so would not have to reimage them since I did not have media or access to all the application installers.

Seems like a good topic for the show since it has been out for years and Windows is still vulnerable.
The list of what logins it can bypass has shrunk. No mention of Linux anymore, but Apple is listed now, and for the top end license you get Windows online login bypass. They do state in the system requirements that it will not work with disk encryption or secure boot, nor domain logins.

If your Windows laptops are connected to AD then couldn’t use just use the admin account to log in to these machines? I do agree that this would be an important discussion but my only point would be that we don’t want to prevent admins who have a legitimate need to be able to do this from being able to do what they need to do; that’s probably why Windows remains vulnerable to it. Maybe it should be a GPO setting whether to allow this which is off by default