Hey there...I'm Lou Maresca

Hey TWiT Tribe!
If you have ideas or topics for the show, for our blips, bytes, or even possible guests, shout them out to me. You can also post them here as well.
What I look forward to every week, is also where you can catch me live:


Excited to be here, and I look forward to interacting with each and every one of you!

The TWiET Riot!..we’re a family, that actually knows tech…that won’t call me at 4am from the east coast, forgetting I am not on the eastern timezone, to help them remove malware installed on their machine after a fake Microsoft support team from Asia convinced them to install it. whooo! phew! </steps off soapbox>

Anywhooo! I am what they call a gadget guy, I get help for it too. :grimacing: I eat, breath and live tech every day. Software is my business.Literally! Enterprise Tech is my digs. I, love, love, love being part of the TWiT.tv family and being part of this network. Thanks to PadreSJ for including me on his journey.( Esp. to Leo and Lisa for including me on their adventures) It’s been a long-running coaster ride that I hope doesn’t stop.
Cheers :tumbler_glass::clinking_glasses:


I think you are an integral part of the TWiT family, Lou, and I love seeing you on TWIET. Great job as always and keep up the great work!


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