TWIET 388: TWiET Remote Access Roundtable

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@Curt_Franklin certainly can talk common sense. Might seem like captain-obvious to some but that’s because that person is still naive.
@cheebert offers more technical points but still common sense. Those with less experience, please put your ego aside and really take-heed to what Brian is telling you. There is much wisdom in his commentary.


At the end of this episode there was talk about the microphones and sound quality. One note about this though: any chance of actually getting this podcast in higher bitrate? The current 64kbps MP3 sounds pretty bad to my ears, and it would be really nice to have this podcast in higher bitrate. Even a bump to 96kbps would probably be a lot better, and 128kbps would be great compared to current.

Besides the sound quality, the content is good in this show.

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