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Hello TWIT community
I have an issue with mp3 files that I transferred from CD to MP3 many many years ago (legally) and got rid of the CDs (taking up so much space in a small apartment)
But for some reason they all have some type of audio artifact in playback.It sounds like a skip but its not from the burn as I have listened to the same track multiple times and it is on almost all my tracks.
Unfortunately I cannot upload it here for you to listen to but can email a sample if someone has an idea of what to do to recover the full track.
Thanks in advance

Sounds like your CD ripping software had a conflict with your CDROM drive. This was fairly common. It was so common that EAC used to offer special tools to calculate the checksum of the audio to make sure the drive was working properly. Another possible problem was that the MP3 compressor had a bug.

In any case, the data you needed was not saved, and MP3’s are generally lossy, so there isn’t really any chance you extra data to make up for the loss. Music is a continuous waveform and any break in it is going to be jarring and human perception is very good and detecting such imperfections. You can possibly “heal” over it, but you’ll probably still notice it if you listen for it.

The only truly workable solution would be to rerip the CDs you no longer have.

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Thank you for your help Paul
I think there was confusion (my bad)
The rip was fine
No problems
Then I lost my music collection (bad hard drive)
But I had a backup of the collection on another drive
But when I listened to the same track there was a type of audio artifact on the tracks on that hard drive.
Im looking for a software that I can maybe dump the tracks into that would repair them
But the original rips were fine

It is Paul right?
Just noticed it was pholder not paul

How did you back them up? If the original rips were fine then it sounds like a problem during the backup process. Ideally your backup tool would have verified the state of the files once backed up.

Unfortunately, what @PHolder said still stands - if the data is missing then your options for restore are pretty limited.

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Just file transfer from 1 hard drive to another
I didn’t get any error trying to move them
Put the hd away when I went to it to replace what I lost the artifacts were there
Only in audio
I have video on that drive its fine

Video artifacts may be harder to detect than audio ones, if they were present. One possibility is that your backup of video was done at a different time than the audio backups, and there was some glitchy bug at the time you did the audio backups. That could explain bad backups that don’t involve a drive error, I guess?

I don’t know of any tool that can do an intelligent auto repair, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had come up with some sort of machine learning trained tool… but it might well be an impossible problem to solve in the general. What I do know is there are high end programs for MANUALLY fixing audio, like Adobe tools or this one RX 9—Audio Noise Reduction Software | iZotope . (They supposedly offer a free trial, but doing all the repair work manually seems like it’s a huge task. The one thing is you could try one track and see if you like the possible results, because it’s hard to imagine an automatic tool doing better than something you could do manually.)


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Thank you for your help I’ll look into it
Most of the music is available on streaming but I have quite a few that are not so maybe I do those