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Jason: 2 things you could try for your HDD problem. Did you actually unplug and replug in the drive cable. If the drive cable is just ever so slightly loose it will not work. Also, there might be a slight chance that Steve Gibsons Spinwrite would work. It would have a higher likely hood of working if just a spot on the disk got damaged. Maybe not if the actual read write head got damaged. Also, I bet an SSD would have been OK after a drop. Something to think about in the future. I am debating on whether to get idrive back up. I just don’t know if I wan’t all my Photos and videos on another persons server. But I have all my stuff backed up to google drive. Also did you see if windows or if you usecd a mac can every see the drive in disk manager. That will give you some idea of how damaged the drive may be.

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Jason I was not sure if you had 1 drive or there were 2 drives in your external drive case. If 2 drives and they both work. One, I would still use Steve Gibson’s Spinrite on the drives and I would immediately copy the data to new drives. Think about getting an SSD as you working drive with the files on it. So you only access the spinning drive as a backup. In general, for other files, I love my Kingston NV1 NVME 2TB drives, (2) of them. Very fast drives. I just get an external case, either a usb 3.1 of a thunderbolt 4 usb 4 case. I never like the “prebuilt” all in one drives. I had a drive with the button to automatically backup. I just did not like it. It did not work. Getting a Drive + a case and then format the drive like any internal drive. Then you can add any backup software you like. I prefer to use a top down type file structure. Then all I need to do is drag the top level folder over to the backup drive. And that’s it. Also it makes accessing the backup drive very easy.