Hello? ... Hello?... Is this thing on?

Hiya geeks!

I may no longer work at TWiT, but that doesn’t mean I’ve left the TWiT army. You’ll see me on the network now and then, and my streaming studio is just about done so I might even get to do a few remote guest spots.

Stay tabbed!


Hey Padre! Glad you made it to the forums. Big fan of your views and twitter feed.



I remember when you posted that walk out of your studio onto the roof on Twitter. Very cool. A shame you can’t use that window as a backdrop - maybe if you got a really big sheet of neutral density filter to coat the whole thing.

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Nice view @PadreSJ. :smile:


If you look really, really carefully you can see the Pope!


Hey Padre, you joined. :sunglasses:

Better late than never.

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Welcome Padre. I’ve been a big fan of yours since I first saw you on the network. I’ve always felt that your commentary has been spot on.

Of course, I got to admit it was interesting to see a RC priest presenting tech stuff, but the novelty has definitely gone away and you are just one of us geeks :slight_smile:

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Yes, as others have said - glad to see ya here!

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It’s honestly not all that surprising. Not having to make decisions about what clothes to wear everyday is definitely a geek thing.


Glad to here from you!

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Glad you’re here! WOW that view really is amazing :heart_eyes:

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Miss ya Padre. Lord’s Blessings!

Oooo, I’m so glad you’re going to pop in now and again! How’s the Italian coming along? I’m jealous of that view! I miss your podcasts but am glad we’ll still see you as a guest.

Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.

Curious @PadreSJ what are you rocking as your daily gear now that you are in the vatican. Just curious. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you on TWIT soon.