Has Google Logo Gone Bye Bye?

Where did the famous " Google" Logo and search box Go? Or is my Chtomebook broke?

You are not actually at Google.com. You are just at a blank start page that shows some of your most visited sites. Go into settings and adjust your home page to be google.com


Its the same page I have been looking at for 3 or more years!

@Mistershipwreck is right that is not google.com it is a New Tab landing page. The New Tab landing pages do this sometimes. They have kind of like an online and offline version of the tab page. When for whatever reason you get the offline version it only shows recent or cached websites that you have visited. It’s just missing the Google search element which is what happens when it can’t reach google on the internet hence the offline version. Sometimes it fixes itself other times restarting the PC can fix it.

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It was my first thought, to"restart". Did not work. Its no big deal. Everything still works fine, just looks dumb.

Yeah I know, it can be irritating when things don’t work as they always have, I’m sure it will fix itself eventually. Sorry the restart didn’t help.