What is This, just appeared!

Your default search engine is set to Yahoo maybe?

Nope! Haven’t visited Yahoo in 17 years

Well that looks like the Yahoo logo. Is that in Chrome?

i agree with @Pommster, guessing some site or software hijacked your default search provider.


I doubt that could happen on a Chromebook. You can bet I’m not typing anything in that box until I learn more on whats going on. Where is Leo when you need him

Go to settings and advanced and make sure you have Google set up as your default search engine. If in doubt power wash your Chromebook.


The following thread on the Chromebook support site should help.

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Try this URL:

Whether you visited Yahoo or not, what is your current default search engine ?
Try resetting it.

May help to have a second opinion of the browser setup.

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Before going to “Power Wash” I tried “Reset settings” and it worked.
Thanks for your help!

This is interesting. I went back into my history to see where Yahoo hijacked my search bar. It happened just after I visited a site for song lyrics! I guess this is how the lyric guys make their money! LIVE AND LEARN!


Your browser needs to be locked down if it is allowing such thing just by visiting a site.
Google may well be changing it soon, but you would do well to disable 3rd party cookies anyway.
For sites where you actually need them you can allow them for just that site.

You should make use of a blocker extension.
Privacy Badger and Disconnect focus on privacy only, so just block trackers. This does block most adverts however as most adverts use trackers.

For full blocking you should turn to uBlock origin or similar, where you can manage the blocklist in use.
A blocker that can block jscripts is very important in this day and age.

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That’s fine if you’re looking for the Yahoo! lyrics. They may be on Youtube as well. No trick required. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was using that extension. Guess it did’t work. In this case it was probably party #2 that did the dirty work.

Wow, that was interesting :thinking: