3 in the morning - Checking in

Good morning!

I was watching TTG on reruns as this is my busy time of year, so I’m working 7 days a week and don’t have the opportunity to hang in chat during daylight hours (unless it’s raining).

I like the idea of the forum because of the above. I often hit up the topics on techguylabs and this seems like a hybrid of that and chat.

I’m born in 1957 and relatively late to computing, Windows 98 first edition my first genuine exposure (although I played with Basic on a Sharp F-DOS machine in the '70s).

I’m a user, and quite proficient at navigating around to accomplish my needs as an earthworks contractor. I also know how to use Google to dive deeper into system issues :slight_smile:

I have time in the winter to hang out whenever I want, but see this forum as a good opportunity when I don’t have the luxury of hanging on the couch at will.



I credit Google and YouTube for my bachelor’s degree in information technology. I learned more doing search queries than I did in the classrooms.


I’m glad you joined the team! I’ve enjoyed watching when you’ve been a guest and now I can thank you for the whiskey tip. I’ve been Scotch on the Rocks, but now I will exercise patience and wait the 10 minutes before beginning to sip :slight_smile: I would like to recommend Aberfeldy 21 year to you. So many of my friends say, “I don’t care for Scotch”, but then become converts after tasting it.


I’ll gladly add this to my wishlist. I’ve only had one whiskey over 18yrs and it was Kentucky Bourbon. (Pappy Van Winkle 20) And it was MAGICAL. I’ll keep my eyes open for Aberfeldy. I really appreciate your support, @GScott! Real talk. :fist_right:


I’m a night person myself (by choice) and began with the C64 in Basic and Assembler (used a sector editor to cheat at games on there) then moved on to AmigaDOS and eventually PC DOS. I liked DOS and am not a huge fan of Windows although I use it. I’m a gin person myself and living right next to Kentucky some say that’s just not right, lol.