Google Chrome updates rescheduled due to virus

About a week ago, I read a story saying that Google was going to put off Chrome and Chrome OS updates for a little while, due to the virus.

I just saw this article… It seems that they now have rescheduled things with new dates:


Very interesting, I wonder if any other companies will follow suit. Has anyone heard if Microsoft 2004 release is being rescheduled?


2004 is pretty much finished, so the release will probably go ahead.

But Microsoft announced a week or so back that they will only be doing security patches for the next couple of months, the normal interim bug fixes and preview updates won’t be going out for the next few months.

(2nd Tuesday is the B series of updates, then there are C and D, which are minor bug fixes and previews for administrators that appear in weeks 3 and 4 of the month, these C and D releases will be dropped. The claim is reliability, with people working from home, not having a working machine and no on-site support to fix it is a no-no.)