Goodbye Windows 7

Goodbye Windows 7 - nice knowing ya :smiley:

Today is the day…

Too bad… It was actually my favorite version of Windows…


By far the greatest, but all good things must come to an end. All we can do is hope that Windows 10 will keep getting better and better!

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I wouldn’t go back if I could. Love 10.


We were actually still using Windows 7 at work until 2 weeks ago.

That is pretty typical for a lot of companies. The company I work for actually switched to Windows 10 within months of it coming out which was really odd to me. Probably the free upgrades lol. Which is still possible to do so.

I’ve also seen one local company with a Windows 98 SE system. They will never replace it.

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Yeah I remember working for a company that still had a Windows 98 SE laptop that they were constantly working on because it ran the security badge software for the building and the software was never updated to run on any newer OS. Most of the time that is the reason is they just have a particular software that will only run on outdated OS’s or software built particularly for them that would cost to much to have it rebuilt for a newer OS. Many years ago when I worked for a Large big box store they were still running register software that only worked on DOS and to my knowledge that is still what they use today.


If you’re missing the feel of Windows 7, check out

and the get your fix of old OS feels on an Android playing ProgressBar95 (one of the AAA Arena apps from last week):

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Heh, yeah OpenShell will even give you XP/2000 menus if you like.

I will happily continue on my 7 box just as I have on my XP box.
My 10 box is just used for games and media. It may as well be an Xbox.

Bare in mind that even though MS said end of line for XP it still got out of bounds patches due to severity.
As long as MS are still making paid updates, they will be forced again by the hand of fate to release public patches if the need arise.
They can posture and pout all they like, but while Windows 7 still represents a massive portion of connected PCs, they won’t have a choice in the matter.

@P_J I agreee. I had Windows 7 Pro on an old machine. When I bought my current machine it came with Windows 8.1 installed. Upgraded to Windows 7 as quick as I could and haven’t looked back.


For me, it was just and OS. It didn’t get in the way, too much.

Vista and 7 are what brought me back to Windows, after having abandoned it when XP came out, for Linux.

It looked like Microsoft had been peeking over the fence at what Linux had been doing in the first decade of the 21st Century and finally twigged what they had to do to make Windows seem modern.

That said, I felt like 8.1 and 10 were much needed steps in the right direction, although 10 seems to be losing its way now. Microsoft are no longer worrying about getting the basics right, they seem to be concentrating on the visual bells-and-whistles. This is party, I think, down to the upgrade cycle being so quick and people expecting “the new shiny”.

They are like a car dealer:
Dealer: “And this year’s model has an improved engine, it is smaller, more efficient and puts out more power with fewer emissions!”
Buyer: “meh.”
Dealer: “It has improved safety features, the stopping distance has been improved by 20% and the auto-braking system now recognises pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle!”
Buyer: “meh.”
Dealer: “It has LEDs and huge fins!”
Buyer: “Cool, I’ll take it!”

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I will say that the biggest step in Windows was Windows 95, I think. A huge jump from Win 3.1x

I really liked Win 95 when it came out


Of course Win 95 was iconic. Windows 3.1 was more like the early Linux distros, then in Win 95 it got a face lift and became more integrated and easier to navigate with much much better GUI. Then in my opinion Win XP was the next game changer. It had its faults but in the end it was one of the best OS’s Then came Win 7 which was kind of like the pinnacle of Windows. Now we are on to the long term more system engineered, cloud/integrated version called Win 10. We will just have to see where the ride takes us from here. Excited to see it myself.

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Who misses the old MS DOS days? :smiley: I think I’ve forgotten most of the old commands on the command prompts.

Definitely, when it took you longer to start a program or game then it actually took to beat it lol.
I try to keep them in current memory by using CMD and power shell in windows for things.
But I have most definitely forgotten so much from back then. was cool though having very little back end to weigh the PC down and it seemed like magic when you made something work haha.
Seems like magic to most of the kids today who see you do anything in CMD.

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I can’t tell you the number of times I would have issues with Win 3.1. Some program would not work or something in Windows would get screwed up. Always happened between 11pm and 1am (when I was in College).

Then, I’d be up almost all night… Reformatting the drive, reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling all my programs. 1 by 1. I did not want to go to sleep until I fixed it back EXACTLY the way it was.

I’d usually be up to 4am or so doing this. Then, I’d get like 2 or 3 hours sleep and have to get up and go to class and work.

Man, I hated when that happened.

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Wow you had some really bad experiences with Windows 3.1. I only ever really used Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, but it was really reliable for me, as far as I can remember. I never reinstalled it once. The things I remember being icky were the networking things, like Winsock for running Mosaic and then Netscape Navigator. Windows 95 made that so much better by building in the Winsock and dialer support.


Yeah I remember both, Had lots of issues with Win 3.1. The re-installation process was horrible. I will never forget nor will I ever want to do it again installing Windows from multiple (I believe it was 6) 3.5 floppy disks and having to switch back and forth between them constantly.

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I played a lot of games at the time. And, I had Pagemaker (desktop publishing) and Coreldraw. I had a lot of issues with those programs freaking out all of a sudden. Maybe some of my Windows issues were because of that. I don’t know. But about once every 2-3 months, I had to spend the entire night doing that… So, several times a year.

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Yeah I don’t know about Pagemaker but I had Coreldraw and your right it did have problems with that. Some of my problems were probably because I liked to tinker and mess with things all the time cause I always liked to make things work better or look better. I’m sure that caused issues lol.

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