Goodbye Windows 7

Really didn’t use Windows 3 much. I was an Amiga user and my first home experience of Windows was 95. Never had many problems. At secondary school, it was Windows 2 which was mainly used for Aldus Pagemaker. We mainly used DOS versions of Word, Maxiplan and dBase. At university, it was mainly NT 3.55, 4.0, Linux, SunOS and Solaris. The whole Windows 3.x mostly passed me by.


Similar here.
My first computer experience was a VAX 11/780 in a UK datacenter, IMing with the ops in Houston, in 1980. Since then, IM has discovered Emojis, but that’s about it! :smiley:

At home, it was:
Sinclair ZX81
Commodore VIC=20
Memotech MTX500 (still sitting in a shop window in Stadthagen, Germany)
Amstrad CPC6128
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 1200
Gateway 2000 P90 with Windows 3.11 and a free upgrade to '95.

At college and work, it was a different kettle of fish, I started programming Excel macros in 1988 under Windows 2. But I was always a generalist. I worked on ICL VME, IBM MVS, DEC VAX, PrimeOS, SunOS, Apple Mac, CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, AmigaDOS, TOS, BTOS, CTOS, UNIX and a bunch of other operating systems I can no longer remember.


As long as UAE works under Windows 10, I don’t have too much of a problem :wink:

Same. Not sentimental at all about it. Windows 10 isn’t perfect but it is pretty decent.