WW 651: Frampton's Still Alive

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Your discussion on windows employees leaving MS for FB or Amazon was interesting. However, I don’t think it’s always about the status of the company, but what are they working on. I think one of the things a lot of seasoned developers consider, when thinking about their carrier, is the work they’re doing. Is it “cutting edge” or at least are they working on modern technologies? As a retired developer now functioning as an independent developer, I’m excited about developing modern web apps using such tools as react, vue, and nuxt.

Absolutely. Deciding to work somewhere is a complex decision people make for many reasons. But I think everyone wants to be proud of where they work. And engineers more than most.

Frankly, a short commute, for me, trumps almost everything!


@leo regarding your comments about replacing you with @mikahsargent; don’t put me in that camp. I like Mikah as a fill-in, but not permanently please. I think it would fun to have him in on the conversation with Chris Capossela.


@Leo remains king however Windows Weekly could use some new material other than spending so much time each week hashing over news about updates and versions. Kind of like Steve Gibson avoiding Ransomware stories. @mikahsargent does indeed bring a fresh perspective to WW. Obviously the “new” will eventually wear off. Would it be too crowded to have both Leo and Mikah with Mary Joe and Paul?


I wouldn’t mind Mikah being the host, it’s kind of cool having someone who is not a Windows expert hosting. He asks good questions when trying to understand the material himself, and (maybe he’s a great actor) he seems like he is genuinely trying to fully understand the subjects at hand. The earnest and honest attitude is refreshing.

Leo rules, don’t get me wrong. He is a jack of all trades and can speak intelligently about any subject brought up on WW, but I would not object to Mikah being a host. This is coming from a long time WW listener, big fan of MJF and Paul. I never miss an episode!


Seems to me that keeping Leo as the main host with an occasional swap-in of Mikah would suit most people. They both work really well with Mary Jo and Paul and bring out different aspects of the subject matter. Although, given it’s about Windows, updates and their impact are always going to be important. I’d quite enjoy tuning in and not knowing which of them is going to be hosting on any particular episode.

Plus Leo sets himself a pretty punishing recording schedule some days - wouldn’t do any harm to spread the load a little bit and maybe cut some of the time slippage that can accumulate with back-to-back recordings. Less stress all round?


@Leo has been and should continue building on his exit strategy based on years of service. My only fear is, when the day comes and we only see occasional appearances from Leo, will TWiT have enough to keep broadcasting. Same thing will likely happen for Rush Limbaugh.


I perked up a little this morning when I heard Paul mention the software in his dentist’s office. The rebirth of my IT career back in 2005 came with a consulting company that specialized in dental offices and had a contract to sell one of the bigger practice management and digital imaging suites back then. I spent almost five years driving all over western and northern Michigan installing and supporting that stuff.

And that is one of the areas that I can see businesses being averse to change, even though that market has consolidated considerably to a few big players who almost certainly keep their software working on newer versions of Windows. I was also thinking that, given how enterprise seems to be shifting to cloud-hosted applications and SaaS and whatnot, it seems to me that the business case for staying put on a particular version of Windows is considerably less critical than it was when XP was going out of support.

Now, convincing IT Manager and Directors that I’ve known, who are kind of hidebound and suspicious of any change, that might be the real resistance. But I think functionally it’s mattering less and less what version of Windows one is on in the workplace.


I guarantee you full time service through the end of 2024 (in other words for five more years!) if the good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise.

By then Ant, Mikah, Jason, and a player or two to be named later, will be in position to take over.

Having said that, I don’t see myself retiring until you make me. I just want to slow down a bit starting in 2025 so I can travel more. But I’m hoping that high-speed Internet will be global in five years, in which case, I’ll be hosting a show or two from wherever I am forever!


In the year 2105 Leo is hosting shows from his bodyless container suspended in fluid, Futurama style.


Sounds like an awesome plan. You deserve it.

I thought a new, female host was going to be announced shortly after Ant was?

P.S. Love your new head shot.


@Leo I just noticed the other day that Google Keep reminders now integrate well with Google Calendar. Looks like it could finally give me a cross platform To Do system that works for my workflows.


The situation’s still confused, but it appears that Windows Security Essentials on Windows 7 may continue to receive updates past January: