Good morning from New Zealand

When opening “Disk Management” from any version of windows, the bottom pane has never responded to a mouse wheel scroll. I have always had to use the scroll bar manually.

Hey Shane and welcome to the site. As Paul has his own site, he’s pretty busy managing it, and I don’t know if you’re likely to reach him well by posting here. (Which is not to suggest that you shouldn’t post here, just letting you know what to expect.) I do wonder if your comment is in respect of a specific show, and if so we could move your comment to tie it to the specific episode in question.

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Please feel free to post this where it will yield a result, this was my first post and I am still trying to work out posting,
(Forget Twitter it’s too confusing. No-where can I find instructions on how to use it? Seems like it’s not my kind of intuitive.)

Don’t you see a scroll bar on the right hand side?
Can you post a screen shot?
What are you trying to do in Disk Management?

youve misunderstood, ALL windows panes respond to a mouse wheel scroll, except the bottom pane of disk managment.(note obviously there needs to be more disks than can show in the pane)
i am not trying to DO anything i am reporting a bug.

Not all panes, that one doesn’t but it does respond to up/down arrows.
Send complaints and bugs directly to Microsoft, do not pass go/do not collect bug bounty.

Interesting, can you list what other scrollbar windows dont respond to mouse wheel?

It’s the only one of those ‘NT-vintage’ management apps that doesn’t support the scroll wheel for some reason. One to raise with MS.

There’s some other Windows utility that I use so rarely that I can’t remember what it is, which doesn’t respond to the scroll wheel, causing an eyeroll and my clicking on the scroll bar instead, like an animal. :smile:

Like @Jamze says, it’ll be one of those ancient bits of code written before mouse wheels were a thing. Microsoft won’t be interested, as far as they’re concerned it “works as designed”, even if it was designed somewhere around 1994.

love that “designed to function that way” very printery lol

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