File management total solution

Total Commander (shareware, no adverts, no restrictions)
All droid devices come with a basic file manager, which you eventually ignore for something else, or compliment with a suite of other file transfer apps.

Total Commander is a mini version of the classic desktop file manager.
If you have ROOT it can be used for more advanced file management.
There are many plugins to add support for a variety of other file storage and transfer methods, including handy bluetooth and wifi device to device transfers, google drive, one drive, drop box and network shares.

For management from your desktop computer the Total Commander ADB plugin makes it easy to extract or fill your devices, and even install or remove apps including system and pre-installed apps.
This will work with any PC file manager that is compatible with Total Commander plugins.
If your screen is broken or you can’t get into your device, this makes it easy to use the side door.

Both of these will help you find all the cruddy temp folders that cleaner apps often miss


I am a fan of Solid explorer, it comes with Google drive, dropbox, samba, OneDrive and many other cloud drives, it also has ftp, mega and otg plugins

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I’ll second the recommendation of Solid Explorer - been using it as my file manager for several years.

Note that this is a paid app, the version in Play Store says it’s a 14 day trial - but also says Black Friday Sale! Grab the full version license for half the regular price.

I got it so long ago I can’t remember whether it was paid then.

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