Help With My Cloud Setup

Recently I’ve been working on moving my data to storage mediums that I own. I’ve decided to use both Nextcloud and Syncthing. I’m trying to figure out if it makes sense to use both and if so what to use each for. Thoughts?

Syncthing will do everything you need.

I run Syncthing in Receive Only on my Synology NAS - giving me a backup of all the folders I sync. If you need web access to your files you can set that up on the Synology.

I guess that’s true if I just use Obsidian for everything. I guess one argument for keeping Nextcloud is having a UI and also multi user document sharing.

I guess I could also keep the Nextcloud, dump my Linode object storage and, just use it as a self hosted multicloud.

@Leo one question, how well does Syncthing work on devices that aren’t on the same network all the time?

It’s completely seamless in my experience. I use Syncthing to keep photos synchronized between my mobile, my basement rack, and a pair of hosted instances on opposite sides of the world. The four devices have never been on the same network before.


I phrased the question badly. I meant how well does it work on devices like laptops when they move from network to network?

I guess the two advantages of nextcloud are that not you can access files that aren’t stored locally and not everything is stored locally on every client device.

Syncthing on my NAS is the same. I can access them from the web anywhere.

Ok I’ve thought of another question: using Syncthing should each node that shares a folder be connected or should there be a master node that every node is connected to?

There’s no master node - they’re all peers. But any node can be set to send only or receive only, so you could create a master node, but it’s not necessary.