External SSD test and opinion

Hi everyone

Have any of you tested the sandisk ssd that Costco have on sale?
I need to know if thats fast and reliable
And if it has dram cache

Right now i am using a usb 3.0 external hdd to run windows on a machine in some occasions
I need that as my second physical backup device
And also it’s slow to load windows although the copy rate is 150mB/s for normal use

So I’m thinking if that 1tb sandisk is good enough for a portable windows and storage for large files as games and as a handy tool for system repairs and stuff
Its low profile and good priced

I haven’t used any SanDisk hardware so I can’t speak to that.

However I will say a few words about running your OS over a USB connection. Throughput isn’t everything when it comes to running an OS. So while you might be getting good transfer speeds on sequential file transfer, that won’t equate to good desktop performance. Your OS is constantly picking at thousands of tiny files and very rarely transferring large files during normal use. Regardless of what storage device you chose, your bottleneck will be the USB protocol. USB is great for throwing around large files, protocols like SATA or NVMe are built for random access.


I agree
Just as a temporary solution for having a portable full windows experience in some cases that is working fine for me
So as you mentioned I won’t be worried about having dram on the external device and as long as it is reliable enough not to wear out fast and as more than 1TB is expensive now
With this deal on costco it might be a good buy

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