F1 - June now the new start of the season

So now all the races until June have been cancelled or postponed - Monaco is definitely off this year.

Other changes - 2021 regulation changes postponed until 2022 and much of this year’s car will remain the same for next year. Cost cap will still be introduced next year. The August shutdown will now be in March/April.

It’s the right thing to do with what is going on right now. I sure would have liked to see the 18 inch wheels on the cars next year though.

Now Azerbaijan is off too.

They should just say that everything in the world is on hold until further notice.

Yep, and they’re still hoping to start the season “in the summer” (although it’ll be winter here) and hold fifteen races.


Sound a bit ambitious to me but they have to keep hopes up.

It’s a bit of a moving target right now for sure

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Time for the nerds of sport to rise and claim their rightful place as champions of the world.

Really not into that. I’ll just save money on sports streaming instead :slight_smile:

Once it is all remote controlled and automated cars, what difference will it make ?

That will be when I stop watching.