F1 - 2020 Austria Season Opener

Could we ask for a better season opener?!

  • Can’t believe Hamilton and Albon collided again. Another one of those light touches with massive consequence. If Albon hadn’t been so drastically affected, I don’t think Hamilton would have been handed a penalty. Was surprised to find out he received penalty points in addition. It was a racing incident in my view, but I guess twice in so many races begs extra attention by race officials. I’m just glad I’m not a steward.

  • I guess we’re seeing the consequences of Ferrari’s settlement with the FIA last year. Ouch. Also stellar performance from Leclerc to grab that P2. But seems like the driver contract situation has gotten into Vettel’s head. Bad look to be tangling with his replacement Sainz like that.

  • LANDOOOOO in P3! What a drive for him and the team. If you can, go watch the onboard footage from his final lap. Just thrilling. He and the car gave 110% to make that 5 second gap to Hamilton. I thought his tangle with Perez was way harder than Hamilton on Albon, but they both made it out OK so no investigation.

  • So good to see Mclaren turning up the wick. I was at a conference a few years ago for Mclaren’s title sponsor and they had a race sim setup run by some engineers from the F1 team. This was right around the time Ron Dennis had left and Zak Brown was taking the reigns. I chatted them up about the change, and they flat out told me it’ll be a tough few years but they’re aiming to get back in the game around 2020. Yep.

  • So glad Ricciardo is done with Renault. That’s all I’ll say about that.

  • Dramatic suspension failures for Raikonnen and Kvyat. One of the main reasons I adore this tiny circuit. More circuits should adopt these kinds of kerbs. Teams begging drivers to stay on track and real consequences for those that abuse track limits. And the safety people still get their run-off areas.

Run it back in Austria this weekend I guess? Kinda psyched for this goofy season. Interesting that they’re publishing COVID-19 test results for the entire paddock every day. I’ll be surprised if there are still zero cases by the end of the season.


An amazing first race, all sorts of things going on.

Hamilton is like a spoilt child with his comments about Bottas using more kerb than him, then the collision with Albon well the jury is out on that one.

Did you see the news that they spotted what looked like Kimi’s wheel nut coming off just before the wheel came free? Not sure what happens to the teather though.

Same again next week please.

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So true. I always chuckle to myself when Brundle and co. lay it on thick about how Hamilton perseveres through difficulty. So quickly we forget how toxic he can get on the radio when things don’t Merc’s way. Almost as bad as Vettel.

BUT… I will say I’m still a fan of his. When he’s good, he’s the best. How can you not root for the kid from Stevenage when the likes of Verstappen and Rosberg are on track alongside? I’ve seen him in person doing the fan stuff at races when the cameras are turned away, he’s the real deal.

Oh man I’ll have to look for that. I didn’t notice the wheel nut from the onboard or the live feed. I’d imagine if the wheel came off at the attachment point then there’d be nothing left to link the tether to the wheel.

Maybe I need to see him in person, but I am beginning to really not like him.

Here’s the video I watched on it, you can see the wheel moving on the hub at about 1:49 after the nut has come off.

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I kinda switched off for a while with all the retirements - it felt lie the 1990s again! Came back with about half an hour to go and there was some solid racing.

Yes, glad Ricciardo is leaving Renault, though I’m not sure how McLaren will do in a 2020 car with a Mercedes engine shoehorned in to replace the Renault.

Let’s see what the race for the Styrian Grand Prix is like today. I wonder if the conditions will be as atrocious as for qualifying.

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