F1 - 2020 Australian GP Officially Cancelled

This was very bad bandling on the part of the FIA and F1. Fans queuing at the gates, Victorian premier saying they wouldn’t be allowed in to the circuit. Could have made the decision days ago.


Could we be cynical and say holding off still got some tourists to town? No, politicians would never be that sneaky.


Of course not :slight_smile:


I think many still kinda wish that it wouldn’t be that bad, and we can still carry on like normal, making decision at the very last minute. Ya it sucks!

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Bit of the inside story on why the cancellation went so awry - https://the-race.com/formula-1/australian-gp-cancellation-stand-off-the-full-inside-story/


Bahrain and Vietnamese Grand Prix called off too now.

China postponed, too and attempting to get a slot around October, when this is “all over”

Yep that was canceled last month. Nothing until May now, and talks of Zandvoort and Monaco being cancelled too.

Well at least Zandvoort


F1 certainly didn’t handle well, but was not alone in this. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews was quoted in The Telegraph on 11 March, saying “We are not cancelling the grand prix… Now is not the time for these things.”

Put blame where it’s due. But also consider the unprecedented circumstances.