Esports anyone?

In the news recently…

The League of Legends Worlds quarterfinals matchups have been revealed. A disappointing year for North America, with not a single team from the region advancing past groups, leading to calls for the academy system to be improved to encourage better development of amateur players.

San Francisco shock sweep Vancouver titans to win the second Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris talks to Venture Beat about how Smite’s esports scene helps the game grow and encourages player engagement.

Riot have committed to building a Teamfight Tactics esports scene starting in 2020. My current addiction.

Anyone here watch any esports, and if so what games? Do you follow it because you play the game itself? Or just because you enjoy watching? Are they a legitimate competition, or just a bunch of kids spending too much time infront of a PC? Is an esports scene something a developer can purposefully push, or does it need to happen naturally? Is it esports? eSports? e-sports???

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Do robotics count? I watch the local robotics team in their competitions every year.

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I am into Call of Duty Esports, looking forward to the new Call of Duty World League starting with the release of the new Modern Warfare. They have introduced franchising to Call of Duty.

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Oh interesting. Well it seems to have worked well for Overwatch. Having geographically based teams definitely helps more casual viewers pick someone to root for. That being said it does also remove the excitement of watching amateur teams qualify through LANs and tournaments.

I enjoy watching and playing Overwatch and the League. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the audience size compared between OWL and LoL is very different. League of Legends plays in very large stadiums and fills them up. The Overwatch League has finished their second season and making changes to better suit the fans by playing more locally set games.

With E-Sports I stumbled across a Farming Simulator tournament yesterday afternoon on Mixer. Never would have thought that that type of game would be ideal for a esport and it got me watching for awhile.

I’ll watch Rainbow Six: Siege occasionally mostly cause I play. Also LoL - while I don’t play, a bunch of my friends do. Comcast is building an e-sports arena in my city so that might boost my interest soon.

There’s something to it. The spirit of competition shines through for sure. No different from running across a soccer pitch, sitting behind a steering wheel, or standing completely still for extended periods of time while drinking beer on a fairway.