AAA 447: Android Fun Time

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Since @wade_county has been absent from the chatroom the past few weeks, I figured I’d post this here for perpetuity. I went back and checked the last few episodes.

Two weeks ago (ep 445) his reported stats were: @ohthatflo: 143, Guests: 113, @ronxo
& @JasonHowell: both on 91 points

Results for that arena reported last week (ep 446) were: @ronxo won, @ohthatflo came 2nd, @JasonHowell 3rd, and Guests 4th

Results for last week’s arena reported this week (ep 447) were: @ronxo won, @ohthatflo came 2nd, @JasonHowell 3rd, and Guests 4th

I don’t remember the exact scoring system/points values so maybe someone could check the math so we have updated numbers as of today.


RE: Google Stadia

According to several sources (Including Official Twitter).
Stadia was launched at 9AM PST
In order to play, you will need a code. By some “mistake”, codes were sent out of order. They stopped sending codes to fix the problem.
This caused a problem to those who are early adopters as they may not be able to obtain the handle/name they want.
Stadia continued rolling out codes in the order it was received, which means not all on launch day. After Founders codes are sent, Premier codes will be sent after shipment. Still no word on Pro version. I’m assuming that once the hipe dies, Pro will be released, then Basic after that.
Although, they admitted to the problem at 5pm PST
It appears that they knew they were going to have problems withing the hour since they mentioned that codes were going to be received the 19th or 20th.
Many received the hardware before receiving the code.
At the time of this post, I still don’t have my code.

"As a Founder, I HAVE:

  • hardware + can play
  • hardware, but no code
  • code, but no hardware
  • no hardware, and no code
  • no Founders, or don’t care

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Awesome thank you for the scoring updates @cousinofjah!


On @JasonHowell 's statement on wanting to put in a different ring tone on my phone, this reminded me of the days of Nokia (Symbian OS / Series 20) phones whereby; we created our ringtones using the built in melody composer.

The composer had CDEFGAB , # sharp and _ flat. Good old days where a single charge gives you a long battery life.