Hide the clock, Leo!

I have noticed a disconcerting disconnect watching video posts of Windows Weekly (possibly occurs in other shows). When Windows Weekly opens, the LaCrosse clock (love it, I have one) shows one time which is ~2 hours ahead of the time that appears in the show seconds later. Having visited TWIT once to watch in person, I know that Leo records the show summary right after the show which gives him a chance to highlight the topics that were just discussed. Clever, but hide the clock!!! Yes, yes, I know it’s a small point and I never turn off Paul and MaryJo in disgust, but . . .


You need to get over it. If you can’t deal with the concept of time zones and recorded content, there is no hope.
I have had to get over the Google logo with the incorrect"e"… So you can handle this.


Uhhhh, my comment had nothing to do with time zones. Also, I’m not particularly bothered by it because, as I said, I watched a show live and know how it happens. The intent of my comment was to point out that the inclusion of the clock in the intro creates a disconnect that he either wants to fix or maybe says macht nichts (Jeff Jarvis can translate).

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That’s hysterical. That clock has been there for 15 years and you’re the first person to say anything about the discrepancy! If I remember I’ll move it when I do the tease! But I won’t be surprised if I get complaints about it being gone, too!