DVD Ripping for Plex

After years of hearing Andy Ihnatko and @Leo talk about Plex on MacBreak Weekly… I am in the process of setting up my own Plex server on a Synology NAS to take all of my DVDs and make them accessible on my Apple TVs.

One of the issues that I am noticing when I use Handbreak to copy my DVDs is that when I am encoding multiple Audio or Subtitle Tracks and assign them names using the Name option, it does not appear in Plex

instead it just shows up with the Track Type.

This makes is hard to find when you are encoding Commentary Tracks along with the original and possibly other tracks as they all show up basically the same.

While today, I might remember that there were Audio Commentary and Text Commentary tracks for an episode or movie… I doubt that I will remember that in a week or a year. It is also even more confusing when there are multiple commentary tracks (say a Directors Commentary and then an Actors Commentary that is separate).

How do you all overcome this?

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Unfortunately, at the moment that is not a feature of Plex. Even though it is possible to name those tracks (depending on the extension). Maybe note the tracks in the description and lock so the scanner doesn’t replace that. Good luck with the rip!

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You might want to give Emby a try. I gave up on Plex many years ago after discovering Emby.

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This has been a long standing feature request, apparently, going back to 2014 it seems: https://forums.plex.tv/t/show-names-for-audio-tracks-and-subtitles/73435

I use the free Video Station plugin that comes with the Synology NAS.

We have hundreds of movies and thousands of episodes of TV shows (I own all the media, boxes and boxes of it) and subtitles are not a problem.

We had to play with audio codecs to get it working using the Mac, Android, iOS ad Apple TV apps, but we rip to MKV and get everything perfectly, up to full HD.

The browser experience is good, my son watches on his Chromebook.

It is a seamless experience, automatically pulling in Wallpaper, graphics and notes.

A good experience, it is used daily from multiple devices.

VERY pleased with it.