Does anyone know how to disable this annoying Firefox "feature"?

I don’t even know what to call the feature to ask or Google for help. Here’s a picture of what I mean. It’s about adding search engines, I think:


I don’t want this pointless and distracting (because it’s colourful when nothing else is) extra entry in my pop-up menu. Does anyone know how to stop Firefox from trying to be “helpful” in this way?

I think the most bizarre thing is that’s in the address bar when you have a different search bar…

Also, I never knew that was a feature because I never right click the address/search bars

How annoying. It must be part of their deal with Google because I don’t see it on other sites. Now I can’t unsee it. Thanks @pholder!

If I right mouse button on the URL on this community site with Firefox 91.0 I see an “Add TWiT.Community Search” menu item at the bottom.

See Add or remove a search engine in Firefox | Firefox Help. I’m not sure of a way to disable it.

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I think this panel in search settings is related. I’ve stopped FIrefox suggesting search engines, and don’t get that when I right-click the address bar. 2nd item in the list looks like it.

Edit…it doesn’t do it for, but still does it for Twitter, YouTube etc. :man_facepalming:t2:

Explains what’s doing it, but not how to stop it.

Scroll down to the bit titled “Address Bar” under Privacy & Security, here you can turn on or off the individual settings:

When using the address bar, suggest:

  • Browsing history
  • Bookmarks
  • Open tabs
  • Shortcuts
  • Search Engines

In my case, the “When using the address bar, Suggest:” change does not remove the “Add…” feature. Nor does unchecking Search Suggestions. Went through a bunch of about:config options, and none stop the “Add…” feature.

There is an annoying workaround.

The “Add…” feature shows up when a URL you have gone to offers it’s own built in search engine. Clicking on the “Add…” puts that search engine into the list of search engines offered under the URL line as you type in your entry. This list of search engines is in the Settings/Search page under Search Shortcuts. Once you click on “Add…” for a particular website, it will not appear again for that URL.

You can then uncheck that search engine from the list provided of Search Shortcuts on the Settings/Search page if you don’t want it’s icon to appear on that annoying search engine chooser. But, if you “Remove” the selection from the Search Shortcuts, you will get the “Add…” again.

Not sure what happens to the Search Shortcut list after an update to Firefox.

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I must be the oddest duck on the lake. I ONLY ever go directly to a search page. My new tab page (a dial plugin) lists Start Page and Google as the first two dials, and I always start a new tab for a new search. I have never liked Google’s approach of typing something into the URL bar and we’ll figure out if it’s a URL or not and then search or not. I prefer to make the decisions for my computer, I’ll decide my next action rather than simply letting any “recommended” action occur on it’s own.

Interesting, I could swear it worked on Raspian at home. But on Windows at work, as you say, it doesn’t make any difference.