Search Incognito

Do you ever wish ads for things you have searched for not pop up on nearly every site you go to? Try doing search in Incognito Mode.
Guys sharing a computer with a female may not like sanitary napkins pitched to them everywhere. (then again maybe they would :grin:)
You may find the blog by “someone familiar” is enlightening :wink:

I run searches with scripting disabled, with cookies blocked or quickly deleted (10s after I close the tab the cookies are killed), with ads blocked and with my cache running out of a RAM disk that gets fairly regularly cleaned. If I ever do see an ad, it seems Google sometimes thinks I’m a woman and sometimes acts like it thinks I’m under 25. It’s pretty fun to game them, really.

I simply avoid using googles own site and get my aggregated results from google, bing, yandex, DDG, Starpage, Quant and more, by using meta search engines such as searx.
Or as above use old dogpile which fetches from only google, bing and yandex.