Migrating from Chrome to Firefox - but one feature is missing that annoys me

I’ve decided it’s finally time to migrate from Chrome to Firefox. The newest version of Firefox looks very good, and over the last few years, the major issues I had with the browser have been fixed.

There is one feature of Chrome that I’ve perhaps become too accustomed to, and wanted to know from Firefox users if there is something similar in Firefox that I am missing, or a plugin to do the same?

In Chrome’s address bar, if I want to search a site like Wikipedia, Amazon, PHP.net, eBay, etc I can start typing the site name, say “Wiki” and then press the TAB key to autocomplete this, and tell Chrome that I want to continue my search there. After that, I can continue typing my search as normal.

I love this because I can quickly and easily query whatever site I need to, without taking my hands off the keyboard. Is there a way to do the same in Firefox?

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Try typing “@Amazon” or “@Wikipedia” - without the quotes, of course.


Perfect! Thanks @Joe.

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I was never aware of this feature in Firefox, Chrome or otherwise…thanks for the unintended tip @Boffin @Joe ! I’ll work smarter one of these days… :grin:

You’re welcome @Gothelf. It’s a feature I use all the time in Chrome, and I’ve found hard to leave behind.

I found another solution to my own question while exploring in Firefox. If you go to Firefox’s Options and then the Search page, you can see a list of one-click search engines. On the right side, you’ll see a Keywords column. If you add a keyword like “g” (without the quotes) for Google, then in the address bar, you can just type g This Week In Tech
to search Google with the query you’ve entered.


This is probably a good place to mention that the “Awesome Bar” in Firefox has a number of useful abilities. Address bar autocomplete suggestions in Firefox | Firefox Help


I :purple_heart: this thread - lots of useful info! Thank you @Joe and @PHolder


Yes, thanks, I had no idea this was here…

Great thread thanks. I moved from Chrome → Firefox this week, liking it so far. Uses about half the RAM for exactly the same no. of tabs. Trying it on the phone too :+1:t2: