Disabling "Firefox View" (new feature in Firefox 106)

Firefox 106 was released today with a new feature that I didn’t want. It’s a permanent tab in your browser called “Firefox View”. It seems to be part of their needy and never-ending attempt to nag users into “please please please love us and use our services” and another chance to advertise to you.

If you don’t want this, as I didn’t, you can disable it easily in the Firefox “registry” about:config. Enter about:config, accept the warning, and then type in the search box “-view” and look for browser.tabs.firefox-view. Double click it to toggle it off and you’re done.

EDIT: Apparently you can right click the tab to get an option to remove it… who knew. LOL I have never used right click on tabs, that’s just not how I use tabs, so never thought to even try. :blush:

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