Do you use an rss reader?

If so, which one do you use? Is it online or program on your computer? What do you like about it?
What feeds do you follow?

I use

I tried to. I wanted to step away from Twitter and Reddit due to the ease of switching from my curated feeds of tech and baseball to the mass feeds of world news and scary negativity.

I used Feedly. However I noticed that even after a month or so of packing my feed with everything I could think of it still wasn’t nearly as good or as thorough as my Subreddit list or Twitter feed. It just couldn’t match the quickness of news reaching me that Reddit or Twitter provides.

Then I noticed the premium version was $7 A MONTH. This is crazy to me, I pay less for Spotify+Hulu. I couldn’t justify paying that much for something Reddit does better for free.

I was considering finding a less expensive or pay-once RSS app but I just went back to Reddit and Twitter.


I do use Feedly. It’s possibly the least favorite out of all I’ve ever used, but since moving off of Windows Mobile, it’s the best experience I’ve been able to find.


I’m using Feedly. I used to use Thunderbird, but when I switched from that, I had to find a new reader. Wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan. On Windows, I use another program that hooks into Feedly.

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I use Feedly as my go to RSS reader. I supplement it with Google News / Google Now.

I truly prefer to use RSS as my one place to gather news…don’t see it changing…


I used to use Google Reader quite a lot before they recommended everyone move off to Feedly. (I had a brief sting with FeedDemon.) Unfortunately, it got a bit much stuff and there, and there would be more than a few sites that would. Accidentally. Republish. Into. The. Feed. Every. Post. They. Had. In. The. Last. Thirty. Days.

Or double double up up everything everything they they posted posted for for the the day day.

At some weird point I decided to clean up my Gmail inboxes (one personal/professional one anonymous/Internet-persona-ish). I then started subscribing to newsletters and digests, funneling each of them using Gmail filters to assign labels to them for easier categorization. (see image below)

Anything that doesn’t get caught by a filter is subject to a new filter being created on it (usually just by sender) and having a label attached to it.

What this allows me to do was something I liked RSS readers for: being able to group logical content together and then being able to see them in chronological order. So, I can be in the same frame of mind (i.e. less context switching) reading through Tech News and opening up articles that interest me in new tabs, then move on to Gaming, then various Stores (from brick-and-mortar ones such as Best Buy and Costco to your typical online retailer such as NewEgg,, Amazon).

…Sorry this wasn’t quite what I was hoping this post to be like and sorta’ straying off topic!

I’ve tried the RSS feeder in Outlook and have not been able to figure out how to work it into my habits well.


This is pretty cool. I like this idea. Also feeds into the microinternet coming back into style, forums and newsletters!

You could probably do it with Outlook using Rules.

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I am a huge fan of feedly. I subscribe to over 2000 feeds. I use on on my desktop and android.


I run FreshRSS on a server. It works fine for my needs. I truly miss Google Reader though.

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I use the site that has lots of feeds to select, or you can add your own for a custom news page. Not sure if that counts as an RSS reader, but seems close.

I use inoreader on backend and Reeder on MacOS/iOS to access the feeds.

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Wow! I could not handle that many feeds. How do you prioritize what you want to look at?

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I was devastated when google reader was discontinued… still a little bitter about it honestly…

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I used The Old Reader since it was Web based and easy to use…

That’s google the attention span of a gold fish…


They are organized into topics. For example I have a topic named "Critical Th which includes feeds about that topic.

I am including the OPML file from my feedly.

(Attachment feedly-f637cadc-5f0a-42c6-98c4-88b280e1611f-2019-10-26.opml is missing)

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I use Inoreader Pro. Web version and Android app.

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My Feedly Feeds

I’m so behind based in Nextcloud and, because of that, I use the news app for Nextcloud. I love it because I also use the other apps and it is always available.

Feedly fan here. Still can’t stay on top of all the news though. The standard news apps are just too depressing.

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