Seeking news feed reader reccomendations

My paid subscription to just expired. It’s used to aggregate news for a newsletter published via A plus is that feedly can add news items with a mouse click to getrevue. It works well but I’m curious what others use, especially TWIT.


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I use the free feedly.


I use and sync it with Reeder on iOS and Mac. On Windows I use the web version.

I tried many RSS readers when (including feedly) when google reader shut down and feedbin was my favorite. It isn’t free, but I am happy to pay for useful services.


My Feedly paid subscription expired a few months ago. Like @AaronK I’m just using the free version. I do miss some of the paid options, and I’m hoping to get a discount offer in the future

The new version, for a few bucks, claims to use AI to refine results. I’ve got a newsletter to put out so I may give it a whirl in a few hours. I looked at and it was pretty good.

One more thing, and this is kind of funny considering the … " The core of the Feedly Pro+ offering is [a cutting-edge AI research assistant named Leo"