Deeper connect mini

Hey there,

Recently I was trying to figure out what to do with an old Pi3b I had floating around. I decided to use it as a nord vpn gateway.

Took me a little while but I followed an article on doing this and it is working great. However, it seems to be a real pain in order to change nodes. I am sure once I got used to it, I would find it easy but as it stands now I just have it connecting to a Washington DC node.

I primarily plan on using it for geolocked content and just to hide some of my activities if I am doing something I don’t feel comfortable with my isp seeing.

Anyway, my question is while reading my google news feed an article popped up for the Deep Connect Mini. This is an indegogo product. ( I am a little Leary of products through indegogo as I got the Mac invisible dock and it is less than stellar). I did a little research and it appears it is a tor server that uses other deep connects boxes for vpn nodes. It currently is $199. I am not worried about the price but what I am concerned is how well it really works. It does seem to have a nice webpage for changing vpn nodes which would make things easier for me.

Has anyone used this or are there better versions of this little box? I have an orbi system which does not support outgoing vpn.

Thanks for any info!

Were I you, I would look into WireGuard via Mullvad ( Mullvad VPN - Privacy is a universal right ). It’s still pretty new, but seems to be gaining big support… it recently got added into the Linux Kernel for example. I suspect you can get support in custom firmwares for routers. (pfSense has a version, but maybe stay away from that for a bit because of issues Buffer overruns, license violations, and bad code: FreeBSD 13’s close call | Ars Technica but maybe look at .)

Thanks for the info! It looks like some of that stuff is just overkill. I think the RPI (for me) is probably, the best solution.

What would be really nice if there was a web interface but I guess that isn’t what linux is about. I think maybe if I could figure out how to write a script to change the autostart vpn config file that would make things a lot easier. I will have to look into that.

Thanks again!