SN 795: DNS Consolidation

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Steve often recommends having IoT devices on their own subnet. In the past he also suggested using a $50 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X. I found a how-to video and am wondering if their configuration method to make devices discoverable provides appropriate security?

Update: I have the NetGear Orbi and apparently the built-in VLAN/Bridge Settings are intended to provide network isolation for such scenarios.

Having a backup DNS provider is all very well and good but I’m more worried about DigitalOcean, Linode, and/or Mailjet going down. I know many websites are configued not to respons to their IP address and, if you’re using Apache virtualhosts, it may not even work but, in theory, we don’t need DNS to be up. I know the end-user probably doesn’t know the IP address of Netflix or BBC but they can always look it up.

@Leo My wife got her ReMarkable2 last month and she loves it. She has uploaded D&D character sheets to it and filled them in. So she has digital versions that get backed up, but she can use them like paper.
Her next step is to get Kindle ebooks converted to a format that will work on it.

Yeah I’m recalling liking the Remarkable2 so far. Kind of amazing tech!

I think Leo’s right to encourage a slight re-brand for SSDs: perhaps Read/W/right? I mean, it’s a geeky utility, it can have a wonky name, right?:hugs:

The nice thing about Rite is it’s already a mispelling, so you can stick almost anything in front of it to extend the brand. StoreRite, AccessRite, BeRite, DoRite, MakeRite, GoRite, FlowRite, KnowRite, SSDRite, GetRite, OptimumRite, and so on…

And, of course, one should totally avoid anything with logical meaning such Disk and SSD Optimization Tool.

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I suppose perhaps a combination of the two could work: Read/Rite?:thinking: Just throwing it out there :hugs:

A misspelling? The way it is written means a ritual…

Yes, but I don’t presume any user thinks there buying a “disk ritual” program. They’re buying a program to fix a problem (and/or to prevent one from occurring) by doing disk maintenance. They’re making their disk function correctly, aka “right”.

I don’t know, to most of them, it is probably like voodoo! :smiley:

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