NextDNS with Eero

Was listening to Leo discuss his app cap about NextDNS. I know it was brought up, but didn’t seem to get a clear answer about NextDNS. I’m using an Eero Mesh network in my home and at our weekend house. Can I use NextDNS with the Eero system? Was thinking of purchasing the Eero Secure. Don’t need the Eero Secure+ because I don’t need there Malwarebytes, Encrypt me or 1Password.

Like the capabilities of NextDNS that was discussed on the show. But just can’t seem to find if it will work with Eero.

I dont have any experience with Eero but you should just be able to change the DNS servers on Eero to point to the next DNS ones, or if you can change this in the DHCP scope this will update your devices to point to next dns.
If the Eero has a dynamic DNS capability then you can use that as your linked IP to get your specific configuration.

I will have to check further if Eero has Dynamic DNS capability. Will have to search their website. Not seeing anything in the settings.

Appreciate the response.

I had a quick Google there and it doesn’t seem to have it built in. You can run a dynamic DNS client on your PC or a device that is always on. Also depending on your connection your IP address might not change very often / at all.

Thank you for looking that up. Think it might be easier to go with Eero Secure. Leo mentioned that is what he uses at home on his Eero network. While I like what NextDNS offers, I’m not a network guy and not sure if I would know how to do all that.

Easier yes, but more expensive.

I didn’t go into much detail, but I’m happy to help and I’m sure others are too if you want to have a go. Maybe @Leo might consider it for an ask the tech guy.

Would be great if @Leo could do an Ask the Tech Guy segment. If I’m assured that I could make NextDNS work with my Eero, I would give it a shot.

You can use NextDNS with any router. Eero offers its own, similar, service Eero Plus, but it’s $99 a year and for now NextDNS is free.

I use NextDNS on my Orbi/Business network and Eero Plus on the home network.