Decorative masks?

So, with all this virus mess going on… You guys sporting any special, decorative masks? Or, just using the normal, 1 color kind?

My ex wife works for a dentist, so I just use some medical type ones she gave me.


What I wear at work.


The only cloth print my wife had turned out embarrassing from my point of view. I went online and purchase a more manly pattern. Ended up finding ready made neutral colors on Etsy with filter pockets. Our hand sewn design also included filter pockets. I bought Hepa filter vacuum bags to cut pieces for the masks. Knowing all the propaganda is for the cloth mask protecting you from me but having the extra HEPA filter makes me hope for some added protection from you to me.


The times I do go out, I’m usually wearing my TWiT mask with an ear saver a listener 3d printed since my head is so dadgum big.


My wife made masks from old cloth we had lying around. Mine are a blue pattern.


I haven’t left the house since March 6th. I did buy an emergency mask from Ministry of Supply, which sounds effective but it’s quite ugly.


I’ve been wearing regular surgical masks that I keep 100 of in my disaster emergency kit…I also have some N90 masks in there also but haven’t been using those (I used some of them when we had the big fires up here in NorCal)


I just got a fun new mask from SeventhSon brewing. Taking a cue from Lisa Laporte and going all in with the cat theme. (Those who know my cat Sorachi won’t be surprised that he is confused by this)


Wish I was as cool as ya’ll! I bought a pack of contractor masks for some tile work I was doing right before COVID cases started showing up here, so I’m working through those before I look for something a little more stylish.

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