Air filtration found to help against Covid

Given that Leo is already an enthusiastic user of filtration at the studios and at home, thought this item may be of interest regarding some medical research identifying that (industrial-grade) air filtration was found to be effective against Covid transmission. As it’s a BBC video, you may need to use a VPN to appear to be inside the UK to view it.

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I did not need a VPN to visit the site. I am in the US.My 2 Molekule machines did little to prevent me from getting sick. My sickness is the relative mild kind fully vaccinated get. Three days ago a member of our household came home from work with 100.5 temp. He thinks he is Superman because he has all the shots. However he won’t take masking seriously because after all he is Superman.

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Oh I am sorry to hear that. Hope you both feel better soon.

We require masks in all the public areas of the studio, and encourage employees to stay home, especially if they don’t feel well. Filtration is just one part of the defense, and even with all that I feel like this might be the month someone at TWiT gets sick. We’ve already had two guest cancellations for that reason, and I know we’ll have more. Everyone is vaxed and bolstered though, so God willing, no one will get seriously ill.



Just a personal anecdote. I teach music lessons in a room that’s about 8x10. Went back to in person this past summer, after vaccines were out. I did put some mitigation in place: a hanging plastic barrier (probably does nothing, except block direct spittle), I mask for unvaxxed students (now for everyone), and an air filter.

Everything cruised on by until right around when the kids’ vaxx came out (my twins are 8) and right before my booster, when an adult student told me she was feeling weird. She calls me a day or 2 later to say she tested positive. She tells me she was vaxxed, but also that she had some treatment and was starting to sound like Aaron Rodgers…Anyways, we were definitely in close quarters for 30 minutes. Thankfully I tested negative. I can thank vaccines and possibly my air filter for that!

not sure how much your air filter helped other than circulation of air to dissipate the aerosols.