Dental what was that?

Hey. So a few months back, on some random show, @Leo Mentioned his mask strategy for keeping glasses from fogging up. He said something to the effect that “A cloth mask, combined with a dental …” something? Is nearly as effective as a n-95 mask.

I, living in the wilds of northern Canada and being antisocial ignored this at the time, though it stuck in the back of my brain. Now with winter upon us, case numbers climbing, and my glasses fogging like a sunuvagun, I’m trying to remember what he said. I am searching the interwebs and can’t figure it out. Thought someone here might have some advice…?

What you’re remembering was a tool on iPhone that uses 3D face scanning (photogrammetry) and then he was having a dental company 3D print the mask fitter (made of a dental material) that precisely fit on your face.

I think he’s moved on. Check this: (the mask he now wears is made in Canada too.) It’s the O2 Curve mask and Amazon carries it. Here’s an Amazon Canada link

I’ll tag @Leo in case he wants to add any additional comment.

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I still use and recommend a mask fitter. It works with inexpensive blue surgical masks as well as the triple-ply fabric masks I make (high thread count cotton, silk, and chiffon). Details on my blog:

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