Dealing with Cloud Storage

Post any questions and/or answers to using cloud storage here.

Been thinking about your questions all day, and started working on a test case for your new computer scenario. As per usual, nothing goes as planned. A couple of questions.

What operating system are you currently using, and what are you planning for the new computer?

Do you have access to an external drive if needed to help move to the new computer. Based on your query, probably need at least 500gb-1tb.

Again, based on your query, my assumption is you always want the contents of your Onedrive available offline.


Well for setting up your new computer, assuming you have the old at the same time, why not just copy the files from one computer to the other locally (on a USB drive or something.) That will be faster than re-downloading them from the cloud, and assuming the contents of the files hasn’t changed in the meantime, the sync SHOULD be smart enough to realize the files are all identical and not do something crazy.


You hit the nail on the head. The sync should be smart enough.
The problem had with Dropbox was every time when I linked a new computer (with everything copied over by cable) Dropbox spent weeks and weeks syncing all the files while not bothering to sync my current work.

The last time this happened, I temporarily moved my current project over to iCloud. The big problem was that my writing programs sync between iPad and mac via dropbox. (I will be keeping a very small dropbox to hold only the current project so that I can work on it on flights. All the versions will be kept on iCloud.)

You don’t even want to know how many days I spent dealing with Dropbox support about this. Their only answer was that the problem was how many very small files I have.

While Dropbox was being useless I transferred some files to my attorney via One-drive and liked it. I have noticed that though it is being just as slow about uploading my archives for the first time, it prioritizes the files which have been recently changed, if they have already been uploaded (I put the most important ones into One-drive first.)

I will just have to wait and see if it handles overall syncing once the initial upload has finished. I hope it isn’t as bad as Dropbox.

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@PHolder came up with same idea I had.
I won’t suggest something until I try it, and have been doing just that. Copying the exisiting OneDrive folder from the old computer to the new one might work. But, I keep running into surprises.
Moving a 6gb OneDrive on High Sierra to Catalina.
Starting with a clean install of Catalina. Copy existing OneDrive folder from HS and to Catalina. Download OneDrive from Microsoft and install.
OneDriveIt will not let me do anything until I log in, and, it tells me of a great new feature called Files on Demand. No option to configure it on installation. This new feature lets you keep selected files on your computer.
As soon as I install and open OneDrive, it locates existing OneDrive folder and asks if I want to use it. It then starts removing files from my computer. Finally find the Preferences menu under the small icon on top right of screen, and uncheck Turn Off Files On Demand.
After about 10 minutes of OneDrive showing “Processing xx files”, declares OneDrive is up to date.
So, it seems to work. Don’t think OneDrive ever designed for the transfer you want to do.


I too ran into the issue of One Drive taking files from my computer. I only spotted it when I was looking for empty files.

I have had some issues with Scrivener not exporting properly when I am syncing with dropbox. It exports the folder and not the files in a very random manner.

I needed to make sure I got rid of the incomplete exports, so I searched for folders and set items on the search to less than 1 and came up with far too many and realized that they were mostly in One-drive. I found the setting for Files on Demand in preferences and changed it. So I am now downloading the files again. The download is going pretty fast considering how many GBs it is.

Thanks for letting me know that there was no way to opt out when beginning. I had been kicking myself for not noticing the setting when I set up One-drive.

I really don’t mind if one drive is slow on the initial upload. I am hoping that the sync between the files on the cloud and on my computer will be faster than on Dropbox.

I want to be clear. I do not, and never have tried downloading from the cloud to a new computer. This is always done via cable. The problem I had with dropbox and have hope from what everyone is now telling me about one-drive, is that one-drive will not spend weeks syncing what is on my computer to what is on the cloud like Dropbox did.

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I have finished switching from Dropbox to Onedrive. It did take quite a few weeks since iI was uploading everything that had been on Dropbox. During that time OneDrive kept my shared documents synced without any delays. Onedrive, so far, is much easier to use.

I added in a few thousand files yesterday and Onedrive synced them at once. On Dropbox any time I added or removed a large number of files, Dropbox synced all my files, which would take weeks, and during that time it would not upload or sync recent files.

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Dumb question- have you contacted their support team?

Ok, I doubt anyone here can help with a question their tech support can’t.
Are you sure you’re following the procedure correctly?
Have you tried restarting the computer?
Try restarting Dropbox.
Is DB syncing to more than one computer?

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I did finally manage to get the files to go into DropBox’s deleted file section, but now I can’t get them deleted from there. They say they will delete them in 30 days! I think that it should be my choice, I have a second DropBox on the free tier, I am going use for people and apps that insist on using it.

My solution to choosing between or having to rely on a web storage provider, is to not chose and use them all via 1 unified interface.

There are a few good options but for my main use on Windows I tend to rely on AirExplorer and AirLiveDrive.

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