Cloud to cloud photo transfer for OneDrive to iCloud

I have a few hundred GB of photos and videos I want to copy from OneDrive to iCloud. Does anyone know of a cloud to cloud solution that doesn’t involve any kind of downloading? I have seen a few options for Google Drive to OneDrive but nothing that supports iCloud.

If that’s not an option, what would be the least painful way to copy my OneDrive photo library to iCloud? My only PC at the moment is a Surface Pro 5 with 256GB storage; no large or fast external drives; middling WiFi connection. I’m thinking maybe the iCloud for Windows client?

The purpose is to have my full library available ointment iPhoto, not just the last few years. And also as another backup so I can drop Google Photos. Much as a have enjoyed Google Photos over the years it’s not worth paying for the storage when I’m already tied into OneDrive and iCloud. Also, going back and looking at videos in Google Drive I’m underwhelmed by the quality after compression.

anydrive claims to do this but i dont have any experience with it. your home network and pc will still act as buffer. there are also syncing tools like Rclone, those mount both cloud providers and sync folders and files.

in order to mount icloud u need something called (lib)fuse , currently it wont let you overwrite files on icloud, but it works the same as any C2C sollution, offcourse you need a fast upload speed, but many cloud providers ratelimit anyways so even with a steady 10mbit DSL downlink you would be fine.

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Thank you. I reached out to the anydrive team but it looks like they don’t offer transfers anymore. I looked briefly at the other two and they seem a bit more complex and still not quite what I’m looking for. Is this just a lock-in issue? Is there something about iCloud that makes it difficult to work with? Seems like none of these multi-cloud linkage solutions will deal with iCloud.