Windows 11 iCloud sync pending

I have installed iCloud for Windows on a laptop with a fresh Windows 11 install. I downloaded iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft store. I’m attempting to upload 1.52 TB of data to my iCloud storage. Then I will delete the local copy. So all of my files will only be stored on the cloud.
I dragged the folder enclosing my 1.52 TB of data into the iCloud Drive folder. Both folders exist on the same drive and partition.
In my Windows file explorer, it shows the enclosing folder as ‘sync pending’. In my iCloud settings, the Apps using iCloud window seems to be counting ‘up’ the files to be added to my iCloud Drive.
So my question is - do I have to wait for my iCloud account to calculate the total amount of files to be uploaded before it actually begins to sync?

I can’t comment on the logic iCloud uses, but it would make sense that it parses all your files first rather than starting and halting halfway through reporting not enough storage.

What’s your upload speed? On mine (<20Mbps) that would take over a week - and my Internet wouldn’t be usable while it did it.

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This shows my theoretical speeds. Is good enough for checking actual speeds.
And I’m using wifi. Maybe I’ll buy an Ethernet cable.

The online speedtest will give you an idea. I use

Can you do the upload in batches, divide your data up and do the most important first? This will take a while!

Have you got a backup of the data somewhere safe? It makes me uneasy when you say ‘I will delete the local copy’. If iCloud works the same as OneDrive, these folders are kept in sync, including deletions. You need the Apple iCloud equivalent of the MS OneDrive ‘Free up space’ option, which removes the local copy only.

I guess patience is the name of the game. And uploading in small increments like you suggested.
I’ll check out the website you suggested, thanks.
I have 2 copies of the data on external hard drives, one in a fire proof safe.
I really should put one off site somewhere where I guess.

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