Dante Audio vs. native Skype audio to fix Ducking

Long-time listener (like, from back when Windows Weekly was audio-only and just with Paul), first-time caller. Leo, have you considered switching to Dante audio for hosts? There would be some technical aspects to work through, and using over a WAN will be different than using it locally like I am, but it works at layer 3 (i.e., can be routed) after having played with it since March at a church where we do a weekly worship stream, the quality is incredible. The benefit for Twit podcasts would be that you could mix all the audio together so that when hosts talk over each other, Skype won’t pick one to duck. And Dante is so low-latency, it might help address the lag that leads to awkward moments where two people start talking, then both stop.

It’s mildly infuriating when ducking occurs and I can’t hear the person I was listening to. I think this would help with that.


What’s ducking…?

That’s when multiple people are speaking, from multiple locations (on a conference call like Skype), and the lower volume one (or the older one) is cut out by the higher volume (or newer) one.

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